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Sun, Sep. 9th, 2007, 12:22 am

I just had a decent encounter. I was looking for some action and I'd chatted with this guy before, and I knew he wanted both piss and fisting, so I was more than game. We managed to actually connect tonight, and he had to wait an hour for his roommate to go to bed, but he told me to tank up. I started guzzling water, and by the time I got over there, I was so full that it's a miracle I didn't piss my pants. Not that that's not hot in certain situations, but he said he wanted a lot of piss, and I aim to please. We got naked fast (he kept a jock on, which was super hot), and he got on his back, and then, much to my surprise, he told me he didn't want a golden shower. He wanted to drink it. I grinned, straddled his chest and put the tip of my cock in his mouth, and then, I let go.

I had a lot of piss, and I mean a whole lot. I'd drunk so much that my kidneys actually hurt a little as I was emptying out, and it felt like one of the longer pisses I've taken in my life, and he just guzzled it all, gulping it down as fast as I could piss it out. When my bladder was finally empty, my cock got hard and I began fucking his face. He gave good head, but since he was obviously pretty submissive, I began fucking deeper until my balls hit his chin and he began gagging a little. I looked back while he was choking on my cock and his dick was getting harder and harder.

We started making out and groping, and I reached back to his hole, to find a butt plug, which is also hot. I love toys. I pressed it and twisted it as we were making out, pulling it out to the thickest part and slamming it back in. Then I pulled it out and fingered him a bit before lifting his legs in the air and using my mouth on his cock, balls, and hole. I alternated between tongue fucking him and fingering him, and after he was writhing enough, I stuck my cock in him. I began fucking him, but he was eager for the fisting, and told me to cum fast. I do aim to please, so I picked up the pace and slammed my dick into him til I shot my load in his his ass. He loved that. I had to piss again, so I put my cock back in his mouth and pissed just as much as before.

We made out some more and then he begged for my fist in his ass. He'd never done it before, but he wanted it. He actually wanted me to cum in him so my fist would spread my cum around inside him. I patiently started out with two fingers, then three, then four. He'd never had four before, but he took it pretty easily, and pretty soon, only my thumb was outside his ass. I started moving in and out more, and finally let my thumb start sliding in. He took it like a champ down to the knuckles, but that's where it gets difficult. I added more lube (I wish he'd had Elbow Grease), and started working it in. Pretty soon, his hole was clamped tight around the knuckles, and since he wasn't really loosening up any more, I knew I'd have to let him do all the work, mostly keeping my hand still as he rocked his ass on it. He got a bit farther, past the knuckles, but then he started shooting, and I got that awesome feeling of a hole pulsing around my hand. I just wish it had been around my wrist. With my hand still inside him, I moved forward and licked his load off his stomach.

So far, so good, but then I was ready to get off again. I jerk off three times a day normally, and when I'm horny, I'm ready to go again and again. The record is topping the same guy four times in two hours, and I jerked off afterwards. But he was done. He came and if his roommate hadn't been lurking, he'd have booted me then. I had to piss again, and couldn't go to his bathroom, so he had to take a third huge load of piss. I jerked off and then waited until his roommate went to bed and left. I was kind of disappointed, because, as you know, I like long sessions. Still, I've been having a dry spell lately, so it was nice to fuck, fist, and piss in this guy.

Fri, Jun. 8th, 2007, 01:25 pm
Memorial Day Weekend

So, after a long, dry spell of just dumping in anonymous bottoms, I finally made it back to the baths. It's been a long time since I got fucked, and my ass was itching for a long cock inside it. I got there, left the towel in my locker, and sauntered upstairs bareass naked, and for the first time, I had prelubed my ass before I left the house. I didn't want to waste any time. I went straight to the glory hole room, and being the Sunday before Memorial Day, it was packed. There was an older Asian guy getting fucked on the floor by a daddy bear and the usual bunch of people watching and wanking, but there were also a few pairs of guys blowing each other. I copped some feels, and wandered in deeper, and I saw an uber skinny guy with a long, kinda thin dick that was hard and sticking straight up. I wanked it a little bit to see if he was into me, and he just let me keep going, so I bent over and worked it in my ass. Like I said, even though it was kinda thin, it's been a while since I got fucked, so I had to work it in gently, but as soon as I felt his balls against my ass, I wanted him to pound me. I heard him sigh and he began to fuck me. It must have been a while for him too, because he shot his wad in less than a minute, and I could feel his whole body trembling as he came in me. He pulled out, wrapped his towel around himself, and walked out. The load was nice, but I wanted more time to enjoy the fucking.

I didn't have to wait long, fortunately. A friend of the daddy bear walked in, said hello to him, and began face fucking the Asian bottom. I lied down and offered my services to him. The daddies always take their time, even if this one was kinda short. He took me up on my offer and started fucking me with my legs in the air, and he did know what he was doing. He used every possible speed and type of stroke he could and I knew that this was what I was there for. My dick was leaking a river of precum and each thrust in my ass made more come out. Finally, though, he grunted and shot his wad in me. Big load and short dick meant that my ass was leaking too, but I lay there as he fingered it back into me.

He got up and a short (heightwise) Latino guy grabbed my legs and stuck it in. It hurt. He was not gentle, and my ass was now a little bit sore. If he hadn't been muttering all kinds of nasty things in my ear as he did it, along with sticking his tongue in my ear, I would have kicked him off, but it felt pretty hot to get used like a bitch and have him call me one. He only lasted a couple minutes though and shot his load. He stalked off afterwards like he was a huge stud, and I was ready for a break.

I went to the porn room and chilled out. My ass felt well used, but I knew I could take at least two more guys that night. I sat and watched the porn for a little bit, and then a guy with a super long dick walked in. It was nice to look at, but I know my limits, and if that had fucked me, it would have looked like the chest burster scene in Aliens. It didn't really matter though, as he was there to put on his own show. He pulled out a long sound, and began working it into his dick. I'd never seen sounding outside a porn video before, so I was fascinated. He moaned quietly as it sank in, and then started wanking. I got closer and watched as the sound would work its way out of his dick and he'd push it back in and then it would start sinking under its own weight. I watched the underside of his cock and saw the sound working its way down the urethra, and it was hot. He blew his load and it came out all around the sound, which came halfway out. He pulled it out, licked it clean, and went on his way. I've got to try that sometime.

After that, I was ready for some more action, and wandered the halls, hoping to find a nice top. I ran across the fisting bottom I've mentioned in previous posts, and fisted him a bit, but I was really in a bottom mood that night. Of course, 90% of the people at a bathhouse are in a bottom mood, so I had plenty of competition. I finally just went in the room of a guy who was lying there, and looking good doing it. I started making out with him, just cause, and I left the door open. He was a bottom too, so we played with each other's assholes, blew each other some, and just enjoyed the company. His hole was as freshly used as mine, so it was hot, hot, hot to rim each other and taste all the loads we'd taken. This got some attention and various guys came in and played with us and we got some tops at last and he wrapped his legs around me, and we made out while getting fucked. He came while getting fucked, which set his top off, which set my top off. I finally wanted to cum, so I stuck it in him and came after a few minutes. We all lay there, a sweaty, cummy mess. It was a good way to end the night.

Fri, Mar. 23rd, 2007, 09:46 am

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Just a quick note to let everyone I'm alive and fucking. Sadly, I've been so busy, that the most I get is about once a week, a quick pump and dump in some anonymous bottom. Free time and a vacation are coming, so I'll have stories to tell soon.

Mon, Nov. 13th, 2006, 10:12 am

Went to the baths last Friday and had a pretty good time. After wandering around for a bit and checking out the public areas, I looked inside someone's room, and found an ass so perfect I just had to eat it. You may recall that I have a rather long tongue, so I can give one hell of a rimjob. His ass was so tasty, nice and clean, and I really got my tongue up there. He was on his stomach and I slid my cock inside him. I had left the door open, and two guys, one old and kind of gross, and one hot, hot, HOT black guy walked in the room. I always appreciate an audience, and was happy to hear them talk about my performance. The hot black guy got close enough and I grabbed his cock and led him to my mouth so I could suck him. Then I felt a finger in my ass, lubing me up. The old guy rammed his cock in me, but my mouth was too full to make my objections known. Pretty soon, I didn't really mind though, because that cock was tasty and the old guy was a good top. We got a good rhythm worked out, and we were all groaning with pleasure soon. The old guy finished first, and as soon as he pulled out, I went to town on my bottom's ass until I was done. My bottom didn't wanna cum yet, and I can't blame him. A few more people had entered the room to watch the show, and one of the mounted him as soon as I got off the bed. The black guy didn't cum either, which was fine, because throughout the night, he'd come up to me and have me suck him some more.

I went to the dark room and sucked a few cocks and watched some action, and then went down to the video room. There was a super cute couple, probably 21, sitting in a corner, making out and stroking each other. I offered to suck them, but they said they needed to be in their own space, which meant they probably were just tourists. I don't like tourists in the baths. I stroked for a bit watching the porn, and found my way to the room of one of the guys who's at the baths every single weekend.

He loves piss and fisting, and well, I had to piss. I put my cock in his mouth and let it flow and he gulped it down. Then I grabbed a gob of Elbow Grease and set to work on his asshole. He'd just gotten fisted, but I have small hands, and it wasn't too much effort for me to get up there past my wrist. We alternated between him grinding his ass onto my fist and me gently fucking him with it. After half an hour of this, his ass was pretty worn out, and I slowly pulled out, watching his ass lips stretch around my fist.

I went back to the dark room and was happily surprised to see the tourist couple ad split up, and the hotter one, a skinny Asian, was standing in there watching the action. I started stroking his chest to see how receptive he'd be, and then undid his towel and began sucking his cock. He led me into a booth, obviously still somewhat uncomfortable with an audience, and I began sucking him off. After about two minutes, he pushed my face onto his balls and I started sucking them while he jerked off. He grunted and gave me a nice facial. I decided to really test the waters and tried to kiss him, but I only got a peck. I guess he was saving that for his boyfriend. Several times throughout the rest of the night, I saw his boyfriend alone and tried to get with him, but he was a total rice queen, and he was mainly stalking a few of the hot gaysians that were there that night.

I went back to the video room to chill, and a cute Latin guy came up to me and started playing with my ass. He asked me to go back to his room so he could fuck me. I've never had my asshole so torn up in my life. Sadly, it wasn't because he had a huge cock. In fact, it was tiny, maybe three inches. I was disappointed when I got his towel off in his room and saw it, but thought, why not? I could barely feel it when it was in me and it kept falling out. He couldn't get much thrusting going on, so he would reach between our bodies and try to spread my cheeks and flatten out my beautiful bubble butt so he could get in deeper, and it hurt like hell. It was like he was trying to tear my asshole horizontally. At least he was quick.

I was getting pretty tired by this point, and searched around for a hole to dump in. Most of the bottoms with their doors open were alone for good reason. I finally went to the glory hole room and stuck my dick through a glory hole. Someone sucked on it for a bit and then I told him I wanted to fuck him. He backed his ass onto my dick and I fucked him and shot. After that anti-climactic climax, I showered off and went home.

Sun, Oct. 8th, 2006, 10:22 am

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been getting laid, but nothing spectacular. Online hookups where I pump and dump, and sadly, not many hotties, just guys acceptable for dropping a load in. I get paid on Friday though, so I'll probably head off to the baths again and hopefully have a good story to tell.

Sun, Aug. 20th, 2006, 11:24 am

Great night last night. Hit the baths again. I made a quick circuit and then went to the darkroom. I sucked a few cocks and got felt up all kinds of ways when a very authoritative top decided I was his boy. He took me back to his room, put me on my knees and fucked my face. I wasn't allowed to suck, since "faggots like you get their faces fucked." He'd alternate between fucking my face, having me suck his balls, and having me rim him. He also kept talking dirty the entire time, saying things like, "I'm gonna fuck that mouth like it's a pussy." Eventually, he told me to bend over and he rammed it in. He was average length, but thick, and he was rough. It's the first time in a while that I've actually wondered if I could keep getting fucked. He came in my ass and then had me clean his cock til he got hard again, and then jerked off on my face. Then he booted me out of his room and I had to wander to the bathroom with cum all over my face.

I chilled out in the porno room and watched a daddy fuck the hell out of his hot Latin boy who looked like a cut fourteen year old except for his dick which was HUGE. I went back to the darkroom and watched some more hot action before deciding it was time to cum and go home. I wandered around and finally found a bottom with his door open. He was hot. Great body, cute face (at least what I saw of it), and perfect ass framed by a jock strap. I went inside and began fingering him. He was totally tight. After a while of feeling that hot hole around my fingers, I couldn't resist fucking it any longer and lubed up and slid inside him. He was an eager bottom, fucking his ass back onto my cock, making sure that I was slamming into him with every thrust. He groaned and moaned quietly as I rammed my dick into him. My hips were slamming into his ass and he just groaned and enjoyed it more. I began doing long fast strokes so that I could feel his tight sphincter grasping the head of my cock each time I pulled back and after a few minutes of that, I slammed deep and shot my wad inside him. I got up and walked out of the room, and when I looked back, he was in the same position I'd found him in, waiting for another cock in his ass.

Mon, Jul. 17th, 2006, 09:01 am

My Asian fuckbud got all nice and horny again. His boyfriend was home and was gonna be all night, so he drove up to my house in an SUV, texted me, and we went to an indoor parking lot. The windows are tinted, so we figured it would be fine. As soon as we were parked, he crawled in the back seat and was naked. I got to working his nipples and stroking his cock and pretty soon I was sucking his cock hard. He loved my technique, particularly how I tease him for a long time, and then just start full on sucking. I got a finger up his ass and then inserted a second. I wanted to loosen him up a bit before I rimmed him. When I finally worked my tongue up his hole, it was easy to get up there good and far and start tongue fucking him. He started moaning like a bitch and I got my cock up in there fast. I fucked him hard and stroked him in time with my thrusts and he shot pretty fast, but I wasn't nearly ready yet. It took me another ten minutes before I finally shot inside him, and in that time, he'd gotten hard and shot again. I stayed inside him and smeared his cum all over his chest and stomach and we made out until I pulled out and had him clean my cock with his mouth. I'm not generally so rough and take charge, but something about the whole scene just made me really dominant. He enjoyed it, and I have a feeling well be putting a lot more mileage on that SUV.

Wed, Jun. 21st, 2006, 12:15 pm

I spent a delicious half hour yesterday eating my Asian fuckbuddy's ass. So damn good. He has a perfect hole, naturally hairless, always kept clean, and he's tight enough so that it hurts him a little to get fucked, but submissive enough to let me do it. Sadly, he won't let me fuck him without a condom, and yesterday I had none, so after all that ass eating, I pulled out a nice seven inch dildo and began roughly fucking him with it. It was awesome to see his hole stretch as I pulled it out of him and he moaned like crazy as I worked his ass over. After about ten minutes, I turned him over, sat on his chest, and gave him a facial. Fabulous.

Tue, Jun. 6th, 2006, 03:02 pm

Wonderful. Just sucked off two guys in the arboretum. They were both in their thirties, slim and attractive. One was your average guy, and the other looked like he'd be quite comfortable at the Eagle. The average guy had a big cock, about eight inches and thick. They were jerking off together when I joined them and I quickly squatted down and started sucking. He was in a hurry, because not a minute later, he started shooting in my mouth. The other guy was a bit more difficult. He was nervous and had trouble getting hard, but I kept working it and then put a finger up his ass and he got hard. I sucked him til he got close and then he started fucking my face and shot down my throat. I beat off and went back to work.

Sat, May. 20th, 2006, 10:33 am

All week long it's been beautiful, so the Arboretum has been absolutely packed, I'm sure, but I've been too damn busy. I finally make it out there yesterday, and the weather turned. Nearly empty. Fortunately, there was one guy there, shaved head, scruffy beard, pretty cute, and we ended up sucking each other off. He had a very nice cock, just the right size for sucking, and an ass i wanna eat if I ever see him again. I sucked on him and played with his asshole until he shot, and it was a well above average sized load, very tasty. He played with my prostate while I jerked off. The sun's out today though, so maybe I'll head back over.

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